Getting the mojo back

Exercise: Nope, was too busy today morning…will continue tomorrow.

Meditation: the sudarshan kriya (which now I don’t miss, no matter what!)

3 things I am grateful for:

1. For all of Google services specially the search engine and gmail.

2. For science which provide me with an explanation for everything, a cause if you will.

3. For my amazing work ethic.

The gratefulness for today:

Today I am grateful for returning to the ‘awesome class’ days. For the past few lectures I had been getting a little agitated and angry with my students. This I can now contribute to 2 things. One, going to class hungry and the second, not preparing my best. Today I fixed both of them and boom, the class was again funny and to my standards. This is such a wow experience and knowledge.

My getting angry does not necessarily mean I am a ‘bad person’. It is just some thoughts or events which are making it happen. I change them and I become happy again. It is really that simple. I believe this little shift in my perception will definitely lead to extraordinary changes on how I treat myself and others.

Also I am grateful for the amazing productivity I had today. I did almost twice the work I do on a regular day. Thank you!

Lots of love 🙂





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